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Sell For Only 5% !!
  Kathy Miremadi - Broker/Owner

Agency: M&M Realty Professionals
Address: 445 N. Dellrose
  Wichita, Kansas - 67208
Phone: 316-644-8554
Fax: 866-202-9408

Sell Your Home For Only A 5% Sales Commission


What services we provide for you:

 Comprehensive Market Analysis to help determine your selling price

 Direction in helping you prepare your home to sell quickly and for the best price

 Cooperation with other Realtors to sell your property at no additional charge.

 Listing your property on our local MLS (Multiple Listing Service)

 Multiple digital pictures of your property on the MLS and the web

 Our company sign in your yard

 Our company keybox on your door

 Information about your house available 24-hours a day via your own individual toll-free extension and the web

 Advertising on Realtor.com, our company website, and other websites

 Targeted direct mail campaign

 Showing desk available 16 hours a day

 Follow-up with other Realtors on showings

 Weekly feedback to you regarding the activity on your property

 Showing your home to buyers

 Presenting offers

 Coordinating inspections

 Getting everything ready for closing

 Being there with you at closing


If our company sells your house without using another real estate company we will charge you a flat fee only $2,495.00. This means more profit for you!



John Doe sells his house for $100,000: 

 ABC Traditional Realty charges 6% ($6,000) to sell his house. 

 M&M Realty charges 5% ($5,000) to sell the same house, putting an additional profit of $1,000 in John’s pocket. 

 If M&M Realty sells John’s house without using another real estate company, John is charged only $2,495, which means that he keeps extra profit of $3,505 over a typical 6% commission. In his case, that’s a 50%+ savings!

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call me at (316) 644-8554 or email me at kathymiremadi@yahoo.com.

View my listings at: http://www.realtor.com/FindHome/HomeListings.asp?frm=byagt&rid=15918269
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